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Returning to Normal

Syntegra Private Wealth Group

We work with a broad range of clients to provide comprehensive financial planning, while bringing cooperation, synergy and integrity to every client relationship.

At the Crossroads of Synergy & Integrity

We are excited to share that Syntegra Private Wealth Group was featured in St. Louis Financial, Fortune, Entrepreneur and Bloomberg Businessweek. The article highlights Tom Burke, CEO and President, Jeff Fiehler. In addition the article features what we do here at Syntegra Private Wealth Group and how we serve you. As this piece is about Syntegra we would be remiss if we didn't realize the important role you, our clients and friends play in making our team one of the best. Take a look at the article below!

As Seen In Fortune, Entrepreneur & Bloomberg Businessweek
Syntegra Private Wealth Group Featured Audiocast

Syntegra Private Wealth Group Featured Audiocast

Please join our CEO Tom Burke and Jon Goldstein, CEO of Goldstein Advisors, for our latest featured audiocast.

For more audiocasts, please check out our Syntegra Speaker Series on the Community page

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Why you should choose us?

  • Built on a foundation of over 125 years combined experience in the financial planning industry.
  • We are a TEAM! You can rely on the advisors and supporting team members to provide the best possible advice and service, with the goal of enabling you to achieve your financial goals and dreams with peace of mind.
  • We are consistently ranked in various lists (Intra-company, Barron’s, Financial Times, Forbes) as top advisors in the industry*
  • You have the right to a financial analysis, plan and outlook WITHOUT extra fees.
  • *The CPAs on our team and the highly competent attorneys we work with will take a close look at your plans the first time at no additional cost to you. Together, we will create a synergistic plan for you.
  • We have well-thought-out diversification, accumulation and distribution strategies to help you achieve the lifestyle goals you have in mind for yourself.
  • We are here for YOU, we care about YOU and we have YOUR BEST INTEREST at heart. We operate with integrity, always.

* Securities America and its representatives do not provide tax advice.

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